Surfing with Pura Vida Surfers

Our surf camp will give a solid ground for anyone who wants to learn to surf or become a better surfer. It does not matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced surfer, all levels are welcome. We will teach you everything you need to know: paddling, standing up, dropping into waves, riding across waves, surf etiquette, board designs, and wave types. Our surf camp includes two surf lessons per day and lessons will be adapted according to the student’s experience.

Our instructors will be by your side all the time to make you feel safe in the water. They will coach you, give you feedback, correct your mistakes, and help you to improve your skills with every wave you try. You will be filmed during the lessons and after each day we will make a video analysis together.

A day at the surf camp can look like this:
8:00 Breakfast
10:00 Surf lesson
13:00 Lunch
15:45 Surf lesson
19:00 Dinner and video analysis
Please note: The schedule will vary as lessons are scheduled according to ocean conditions.

Beginner surf lessons

On the first class you will learn the basics of surfing, starting from zero (no experience needed.) You will learn about safety and ocean knowledge, surfing etiquette, positioning on the board, how to paddle, how to stand up properly, and how to ride a wave. After a couple of lessons you are usually ready to move to the intermediate class.

Intermediate surf lessons

We will shift from white water to the outside break, or what we call it, the green waves.

Here we focus on: timing (how to start paddling for a wave and when to stand up), positioning on the board (normally you try different board sizes according to your progress), paddling techniques, turning, getting in to the line-up, and surfing etiquette.

Advanced surf lessons

The advanced lessons are about improving weaknesses and learning new skills. We will analyze your surfing technique, show you what you are doing wrong, and teach you how to fix it. The aim is to improve your surfing and also work on things you wish to get better at. Surf big waves every day and feel like a part of the surf community with your instructor and other surfers.

All Surf Camps include

  • 2 surf lessons per day
  • Surf board and rash guard
  • Fruit and water after each surf lesson
  • Transportation to and from the beach
  • Videos/photos with each surf lesson
  • Accommodation (4, 6, or 9 nights)
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Surf lesson substitute activities

If you are too tired, or for some other reason does not want to take a surf lesson, you can substitute the surf lesson to any of the activities listed below. You can substitute as many surf lessons as you like.

Surf camp prices:

5-day surf adventure
Dorm $500/$600/$800
Private room $650/$750/$950
7-day surf adventure
Dorm $800/$900/$1100
Private room $950/$1050/$1250
10-day surf adventure
Dorm $1250/$1350/$1550
Private room $1500/$1600/$1800

Surf camp prices may change according to seasonal prices, your choice of accommodation, package customizations, etc.

Surf lesson prices:

Surf lesson: $45
Private surf lesson: $55
Advanced surf lesson: $55
Family lessons are available upon request

For reservations, please send an email to!