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Our much appreciated Stand Up Paddle Tour is a great way to relax and at the same time also get the physical challenge. It is a full body workout, especially challenging for the balance, and it is a whole new way to experience the ocean. People of all ages, body types, and skill levels can learn and do stand up paddling.

The Stand Up Paddle Tour is a time well spent in the wonderful Costa Rican nature in Mal País. The beautiful sights, the warm water, and the freedom of floating in the open ocean makes this an excursion one do not want to miss!

In the ocean we have a platform we paddle out to. On the platform we provide a drink of preference, fruits, some do yoga on the platform or on the board, and we also take photos.

Included: Transportation to Mal País where we paddle out, board+paddle, drink, fruit, and photos. The tour is approximately 2-3 hours.

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SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga is a combination of Stand Up Paddling and yoga. The instructor and the student(s) paddle out in the ocean to our platform where they attach their paddle boards and do yoga in the open water.

SUP Yoga is a different way of doing yoga outside the studio. The motion of the board will challenge you and also help you focus even more on the present moment. Build stability while adapting to the movement of the board. Flow, float, and connect with the beautiful nature of Costa Rica.

Have fun while practicing and prepare to move and be moved!

Want to try SUP? Send an email to puravidasurfers@yahoo.com!